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Master Prescriber: Tools for Effective Prescribing - Dr. Sunil Anand

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**Early Bird Extended to Sept 8th**

Do you want to learn to prescribe with confidence and ease? This seminar with Dr. Sunil Anand will give you the tools to provide the best, most effective care for your patients!


Tools you will learn:

  • Doodles as entry points
  • Using computerized search engines
  • Expanding on the Boenninghausen technique
  • Using intercurrent remedies - nosodes, sarcodes, isopathy
  • Appreciative case taking - no need to interrogate your patient
  • Highlighting lesser known remedies

Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

Sept 19 & 20th, 2015 9:30am-5:30pm

Live Case Taking Session - Mon, Sept 21, 5-9pm (included with seminar price)

$249  Regular  $225 Early Bird (before Sept 8)  $175 Students**

Webinar: $224 Regular $200 Early Bird $150 Students** (Live Case taking not included in Webinar option, hence the reduced price)

Can't attend the weekend seminar, but still want to learn from Sunil? The live case taking session alone is $25. Choose this option from the drop down above to register. 


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About Sunil:

A leading classical homoeopathic practitioner and teacher now based in Pune, India. He has been practicing homoeopathy for the past 30 years and is specially recognized for his cures in pediatric cases. His approach and simplicity makes him an internationally acclaimed teacher. He graduated from the C.M.P Homeopathic Medical College in Mumbai and did post-graduate work at MRCH in London. He was a senior lecturer at CMP Homoeopathic Medical College in Mumbai and an Honorary Professor D.S.Homoeopathic College in Pune. He was the Founder Trustee of Homoeopathic Research & Charities  in Mumbai and the President of PRANA Homoeopathy Yoga Centre in Pune. 

His seminars and workshops have been widely attended in Canada, India and abroad. In Canada he was the Dean of Post Graduate Studies at the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy, he is a visiting Professor at the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine, and has presented seminars for the Western College of Homeopathic Medicine in Calgary.  Dr. Ananda was a student of Dr. Rajan Sankaran and Dr. Farokh Master and was a member of The Bombay Group for many years. He has recently had an article published in Spectrum of Homeopathy journal.

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Not convinced? Read 2 articles by Sunil to see what you are in store for!

A Case of a 5 Year Old Twin with GERD 

10 W’s of Case Taking (An extension of the Boenninghausen Method)


What do people think about Sunil?

"You are blessed in your work I am sure by our great Man Dr.Hahnemann." - George Vithoulkas

"Sunil is the real thing in homeopathy. Dedicated, learned, hard working and full of knowledge. Most of all I appreciate his authenticity in seeking, recognizing and following his own truth, but always with the greater good in mind." - Jeremy Sherr

"I have seen Sunil Anand give a beautiful lecture about remedies from the Silver series. It was  beautiful to see how he handled the cases. Due to this he gets the relevant information form the patient with ease. There is no forcing needed. A great learning experience. One can see depth of case taking, in the precision of finding the essence of remedies. One can see his refinement in how he handles the patients, gives them trust so they will open up. As a result the pictures are beautiful and clear." - Jan Scholten

"Sunil Anand is a committed classical homeopath that I appreciate especially because of his open approach to the matter. He integrates everything favorable in our profession into his personal work in the field and this already for nearly 20 years. Not unexpectedly he therefore became internationally well known and on top of that Ex-Associate Professor at the CMP Homeopathic Medical College, Pune and Dean of Continued Medical Studies at the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy. I came to know him as a enthusiast and critical colleague regarding our mutual interest in repertorization techniques and learned to appreciate his views in this regards." - Roger Van Zandvoort, Homeopath and Founder Complete Repertory

"Sunil Anand is a highly respected homeopath who has created his own unique approaches to treatment and case taking -- such as the use of drawings and doodles -- to getting to the heart and sensation of a case.  While especially well known for his work with children, Sunil's clear teaching demonstrates how to gently lead the patient, whether adult or child, to unveil their deepest state." - Amy Lansky, Author- Impossible Cures

“Dr. Sunil Anand is an extremely accurate prescriber. His gentle teaching style and brilliant case taking analysis and case management skills make him one of our students’ favourite teachers. I would highly recommend students and experienced practitioners alike to attend his seminar” - Mirsada Vins

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