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The Homeopathic Conversation: The Art of Taking the Case – Brian Kaplan, 2001

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”It probably takes the better part of a lifetime to master the art of the homeopathic conversation. But there are some things in life that are worth waiting for.”
Thus writes Dr Brian Kaplan, medical doctor and internationally renowned homeopath and teacher, in this important and timely new book. Dr Kaplan shares his insights into how to create and improve the most crucial factor in the practice of homeopathy – the bond of understanding between practitioner and patient.
Although homeopaths have not, until quite recently, focused on the practitioner-patient relationship, the disciplines of psychotherapy and counselling have always recognized that relationship to be a vital factor in the prognosis of the patient. ‘This relationship,’ Dr Kaplan writes, ‘is even more vital in homeopathy, not only because we have less time to spend with out patients than counsellors and psychotherapists, but because the reward for effective communication between homeopath and patient is the prescription of the correct remedy.’
Offering practical advice based on more than 20 years’ clinical experience and delving courageously into the relationship between homeopath and patient, The Homeopathic Conversation is a must-read for practitioners, teachers, students, patients and anyone with an interest in complementary therapies.
‘Dr Kaplan shares with warmth and sincerity the influences that have shaped his thinking and deepened his insight into the homeopathic art of cure. I can warmly recommend this book to anyone wishing to develop their understanding of the nature and purpose of the homeopathic conversation at the heart of good case-taking.’ Dr Alice Greene, consultant homeopathic physician, psychotherapist, lecturer and immediate past chairwoman of the British Autogenic Society
‘Fluid, entertaining and very informative...seamlessly blends the wisdom of Hahnemann with modern psychological theory.’ Homeopathy (formerly British Homeopathic Journal)

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223 pages, paperback

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