Allison Cassidy - Individuals and Couples Therapy, Life Skills and Meditation Coaching

Allison Cassidy

*Allison has applied for registration with the brand new College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario and is awaiting registration. Until registration goes through, she is not seeing clients for psychotherapy, in compliance with the College. She can, however take on Life Skills and Meditation Coaching clients.*

Allison Cassidy  M.Ed.

Psychologist (South Africa),

Clinical Psychotherapist (United Kingdom)

EFT Couples Therapy Associate (Canada)


Allison is a Psychotherapist who is passionate about supporting transition and being a partner in that process. She has worked in the field of Psychology for the past 30 years, doing counseling, research, consulting and psychotherapy. Transition happens in life developmental phases, in relationships, at work, and with your health.

She currently works with couples largely in the framework of Emotionally Focused Therapy. This model is very well researched and taught by Dr. Sue Johnson (author of Hold me Tight) and her team at the University of Ottawa, and the Ottawa Family and Couples Institute.  It focuses on the ‘how we love’ i.e. how our attachment patterns get played out in our intimate relationships. It does this by resolving the negative cycle of interactional patterns, and strengthening the positive ‘connecting cycles’ to reduce or eliminate emotional pain and isolation in the relationship. So it facilitates the re-igniting of emotional and sexual connections that often get lost through the basic stresses of life like, parenting, care-giving, illness, financial difficulties, and unemployment.

Her work with parents revolves around helping parents develop parenting styles that facilitate  secure attachment. She also helps them uncover the impact of parental issues on relationship functioning.

Allison’s work with adult and adolescent individuals is largely to facilitate a drug-free approach to mental health, especially depression and anxiety. She uses various philosophies and techniques to enable transformation, building of self-compassion and self-worth.

She terms herself a holistic Life Skills Psychotherapist and uses talk therapy, various meditation techniques and philosophies,  e.g. mindfulness, loving kindness, and yoga-psychology.

She also uses insight and depth psychology as well a variety of stress reduction techniques such as Hypnotherapy, and other simple, yet powerful energy techniques including Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique and Autosensory meditation to assist clients to move through transitional times in their lives. Life often presents us with unexpected and unusual situations in which we feel overwhelmed. Psychotherapy can be a significant support in these times, helping us to transition successfully without becoming stuck and even more overwhelmed. Short-term therapy in times of crisis can help you to shift through these times more easily and effectively than doing it on your own.

The impact of trauma, addiction, chronic or terminal illness, death and grief can have lasting negative effects on families and Psychotherapy is an essential tool to facilitate the healing for individuals, couples and families.

She likes to work in partnership with Homeopaths, treating and collaborating together, as the work of change happens more easily and quickly when Homeopathy has helped to reduce the stress and ease the emotional blocks. She does this because she herself is a long-time user of Homeopathy and has seen how much quicker people improve when Psychotherapy is done in conjunction with Homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a drug-free approach that works on/from an energetic level. Because it lowers our stress levels so effectively, we get to see our self sabotaging patterns more easily in psychotherapy and work on them at a much smoother and easier pace. So, working in both modalities one gets longer lasting results, quicker than with either modality on its own.

Healthy body, healthy mind. Healthy mind, healthy body. The mind is physically connected to the body with neural pathways from the brain to all the organs, and facial muscles. This is central to our emotional and mental capacity to communication and why a holistic approach is so important.

She is a member of the Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists. 

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*Couples Psychotherapy

*Individual Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy

Together we will find a way for you to overcome/reduce:

·     Stress

·     Emotional pain

·     Loneliness

·     Anxiety

·     Depression

·     Low self-esteem

·     Failed or abusive relationships

·     Illness – Chronic or life threatening

·     Loss

·     Difficult/traumatic childhood

·     Difficult work environments

And increase your:

·     Mental and emotional health

·     Physical health

·     Spiritual health

·     The health of your relationships – romantic and other

·     Compassion and Loving Kindness – for yourself and others


Couples Therapy

Together we will find a way for you to overcome/reduce:

·     Your negative and disconnecting cycles with your partner

·     Feelings of loneliness and isolation in your relationship

·     The stress in your relationship

·     The escalation of arguments

·     Overwhelm and frustration in communication with your partner

Couples therapy will help you to:

·     Find compassion and Loving Kindness towards one another

·     Increase your ability to recognize when you are in a negative cycle

·     Learn how to switch to a connecting, positive cycle

·     Become a positive relationship role model for your own children or those in your extended family and/or community that they will feel supported by (It takes a village to raise a child)

Your relationship will transform from a source of stress to a place of support and creativity.