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Master Prescriber: Tools for Effective Prescribing - Dr. Sunil Anand

Sunil AnandDo you want to learn to prescribe with confidence and ease? This seminar with Dr. Sunil Anand will give you the tools to provide the best, most effective care for your patients!

Tools you will learn:

  • Doodles as entry points
  • Using computerized search engines
  • Expanding on the Boenninghausen technique
  • Using intercurrent remedies - nosodes, sarcodes, isopathy
  • Appreciative case taking - getting away from interrogating your patient
  • Highlighting lesser known remedies

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Latest Science On The Mechanism of Homeopathy And Its Clinical Applications - Dr. Gustavo Bracho

Gustavo BrachoFor the first time in North America, Dr. Gustavo Bracho will present the latest results from recent experimental models he designed to bring insight into the mechanism of homeopathy. Early results from this work are providing preliminary evidence that may answer questions around posology and offers suggestions that could increase the success rates of practitioners.

He will share a synthesis of homeopathic research from around the world, including the results from Nobel Laureate, Dr. Luc Montagnier’s pivotal work, with a focus on the mechanism of homeopathy and the latest theories to explain homeopathy and high dilutions.

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Homeopathic Management Of Acute And Chronic Cases - Farokh Master

Farokh Master

We often find that the patients we see in practice do not fit the materia medica pictures we studied in theory. 

This course will expose you to how a remedy picture will show itself in today’s day and age. It will also help you to differentiate between similar remedies.  

In this seminar you will learn:

  • The art of converting the language of patients to repertory language
  • Understanding the totality of acute and chronic diseases
  • Analysis of symptoms
  • Repertorizing techniques
  • Demystifying posology

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