Mée Hiroki - Jungian Oriented Therapy

Mée Hiroki is a Jungian oriented therapist. She is currently in training with the Ontario Association of Jungian Analysts and practices Jungian oriented therapy under supervision. Before coming to Toronto she worked as a Certified Clinical Psychologist in medical and educational settings in Japan since 2003.

Her therapy is offered in English and/or Japanese. Various issues could be discussed in therapy, including anxiety, depression, stress, relationships and holistic well-being.


Jungian psychology appreciates an individual as a whole being with both conscious and unconscious parts which contain not yet known or developed possibilities. Individuation is a journey to find who we are born to be.

We all adapt ourselves to family, social and cultural standards to live in the world. However, through adaptation, we consciously and unconsciously ignore or cut off the parts of our personality which are not appropriate or not desirable in a given situation. Those parts might remain totally unnoticed or forgotten in the unconscious, or might even look ugly and worthless to the conscious eye.
If we could learn to appreciate them as a part of our whole personality, keeping balance with our other traits, the integration would bring new possibilities to our lives and we could live more like ourselves. In order to open up to our whole potential, it is important to listen to the messages from the unconscious through dreams and other creative works. We will seek a way of living in which you are grounded and full.


Please visit Mée’s website at towards-wholeness.com to learn more.

To book an appointment please contact Mée at mee.hiroki@gmail.com or call her at 416-994-2616.