Homeopathy for Pregnancy and Childbirth - Rosemary Tayler, 2007


This book is the most pertinent and accessible resource for anyone interested in facilitating healthy and harmonious childbirth. Homeopathic remedies compliment conventional care in a safe manner, honoring the holistic perspective.  - Ava Vosu, Midwife, Powassan, Ontario

Congratulations! Real life stories throughout this book make the materia medica much ore meaningful and alive. I recommend this excellent and very practical guide to all those using homeopathy during pregnancy or childbirth.  - Dr. John Diamond, MD, Reno, Nevada

I only wish I had known about homeopathy during my first pregnancy. I now use it for my new baby as well as the rest of my family, knowing that I am doing the right thing, the natural thing, to maintain them at peak health.  - Maria Chilcotte, Springfield, West Virginia

In the midst of the current revival of homeopathy in North America, Rosemary has taken up the challenge and started beating the drum. She has gathered experience and information from various sources an presented them in a unique and comprehensible form.  - Paul Sharda, D.H.S., Ottawa, Ontario

158 pages, paperback


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