Levels of Health - The Second Volume of “The Science of Homeopathy” - George Vithoulkas and Erik van Woensel, 2010


“The Levels of Health” is a highly original contribution to medicine in general and to homeopathy in particular written by Professor George Vithoulkas. By describing a means of knowing whether a patient is improving or regressing under any treatment, whether homeopathic or otherwise, provides the possibility for the practitioner to evaluate the case and make a better and more accurate prognosis.
The subject of Levels of Health was mentioned briefly in George Vithoulkas’ main textbook, “The Science of Homeopathy”, which was written in 1977 ; now, for the first time, with the benefit of 50 years of homeopathic practice, experience and diligent observation, George Vithoulkas presents a fully developed theory and a way of applying it in everyday practice.
In his elaboration of the concept of Levels of Health, he discusses in detail all the possible reactions of the organism’s defense mechanism under the homeopathic treatment and the meaning of those reactions. He elaborates the parameters that define the Level of Health to which a patient belongs in a system of twelve levels.
The second part, “Case studies”, concerns mainly the practical application of homeopathy; it was written by Erik van Woensel. This chapter deals in depth with case analysis, which is illustrated with cases of various degrees of difficulty. Describing the analysis step by step, the author shows how the principles of the Levels of Health are applied in homeopathic practice.
Every homeopath needs to be able to evaluate the treatment he or she has given and understand why it does not always bring the expected results. “The Levels of Health” provides the tools for accomplishing that task.

341 pages, paperback


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